I help companies develop strategic customer journeys
Beyond UX, customer journeys align and inspire across organisations.
Why Customer Journeys?
Because journeys lead to greater customer focus making healthier company DNA
Higher employee motivation
Employees who own the customer problem and solve it are fantastically motivated, making employees up to 12% more productive and more collaborative.
More customer happiness
Changing the experience for the better results in 23% of customers telling 10 other people about it, and 58% of prospects willing to pay more for it.
Lower customer service costs
When teams get the experience right customers can experience a product or service effortlessly, so they don't need to call or search for help.
Greater production efficiency
Understanding customer journeys precisely helps teams know where to cut corners and where to invest in a customer experience, resulting in operational efficiencies.
How It Works
Step One
Build Journeys & Personas
Start with the journey every user follows, the 'happy path'. Add your personas, or together develop new ones, and we can check where personas' experiences differ from the 'happy path'.
Step Two
Add Data
Collect data from Sales CRM, Customer Success incidents, Analytics, VOC, Product and Marketing. Having journeys sets data into context.
Step Three
Prototype Ideas
Using the journeys and any user personas emerging from step 1 to co-create ideas with teams.
Step Four
Rinse Ideas
Using the journeys and any user personas emerging from step 1, co-create feature ideas and apply a filter to give them order of importance.
Step Five
A set of tools so you can integrate customer focus into Agile delivery
Easy Journey Creation Toolkit
User journeys can be sketched or easily assembled using out of the box tools from SAP, these can be represented in a slide deck or in physical form.
Customer Focused Project Canvas
A fully guided canvas making it super easy for teams to bring Human Centred Design (HCD) together with iterative Agile delivery.
Sprint Board Integration
Integrate customer journeys into your team's sprint board to break apart Themes and Epics into smaller chunks ready for Sprint Planning.
Quick Start
Deep Enquiry
Build Journeys & Personas
Add Data
Prototype Ideas
Start Rinsing
Integrate with Agile
3 days
2 weeks
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About Markus
Journey Manufacture since 2003
Markus has been using customer journeys as a basis for driving transformative customer change since 2003. He has been Head of UX Sky and Director of Product at both Spreadshirt and Brandwatch.
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